In the “Carnival Rhino,” Bali Safari presents a series of entertaining and educational events for the entire community and visitors alike. The Carnival Rhino kicks off with a charming and spectacular costume parade by ISI Denpasar students. These costumes not only entertain but also convey messages through the attire worn. The event also features a lively flash mob with joyful dances and music. Visitors can join in the fun or simply enjoy the vibrant performance. Moreover, various exciting games add to the festive atmosphere, ensuring entertainment for the whole family throughout the day.

To enhance understanding of rhinos, expert rangers will provide information during the event. They will share insights into the lives and challenges faced by rhinos in the wild, as well as actions we can take to protect them. Another equally engaging activity is face painting. Both children and adults can express their creativity by participating in face painting and colouring gypsum. The rhino theme will take centre stage, allowing visitors to feel more connected to these magnificent creatures.

“World Rhino Day is an annual celebration aimed at raising awareness and supporting rhino conservation efforts worldwide, and Bali Safari is celebrating with various fun activities this year. For the first time in Bali, the carnival features rhino-themed festivities, including dances and competitions for the community and visitors, such as colouring contests, photography, and fashion shows with total prizes worth millions of rupiah,” says Aisyah Hidayat, Marketing Communications Executive at Bali Safari.

To make the event even more exciting, Carnival Rhino will also provide attractive door prizes for lucky visitors. Don’t miss the chance to stop by and participate in a series of activities on this special day!

Exciting Competitions

Online Colouring Competition

Bali Safari is hosting an online colouring competition that invites participants of all ages, specifically children aged 5-12, to express their creativity through colouring. Through this competition, they can learn more about colours while having fun. The registration fee for this competition is IDR 50,000, which includes free entry to Bali Safari from September 11 to September 24, 2023.

Rhino Photo Competition

The Rhino Photo Competition is an opportunity for amateur and professional photographers to showcase their skills in capturing the beauty and uniqueness of rhinos. Participants can submit photos depicting rhino life or conservation efforts to protect this species. This can also be an effective way to spread important messages about rhino conservation. Through this rhino photo competition, participants can purchase an explorer safari ticket for only IDR 150,000. Participants can take photos of rhinos and enjoy various activities at Bali Safari from September 11 to September 24, 2023.

Costume Competition

For talented enthusiasts with creative spirits, Bali Safari is hosting a Rhino Costume Competition. Participants can join by designing captivating costumes, creating something unique and mesmerizing. This competition combines art with creative wildlife conservation awareness. Participation in this competition is free, but it is only open to children aged 5-12. The competition will take place only on September 22, 2023.

This celebration serves as an important moment for Bali Safari to invite the entire community to be conscious of environmental preservation and the protection of this highly endangered species.

Register now to participate in the special World Rhino Day celebration competitions at Bali Safari. To do so, scan the barcode in the image and follow the registration process. Or you can visit for more information! Stay updated by following @balisafari on Instagram for the latest updates! Don’t miss out!

So, don’t miss the opportunity to join Bali Safari in this annual celebration that is sure to leave unforgettable memories. Win Total Prizes Worth Millions of Rupiah!