Munduk Moding Plantation is where Bali’s skies blend with the water of the infinity pool, the Bali Sea and the towering volcanoes in Java. Where nature creates art. A hideaway nestled in a working coffee plantation surrounded by jungle. Here the real Bali is alive.

Designed by award-winning Bali architects, Popo Danes and Era Anastasia, the villas and suites at Munduk Moding Plantation marry key features of Balinese architecture with a modernist tradition, adapted to the environment of this hill station. Munduk Moding Plantation is a hideaway for those who are looking for something different. Surrounded by tropical forest, it is an Eco-Luxury Nature Resort and Spa located in North Bali offering stunning views, luxury comfort, and intimacy.

Enjoy their award-winning 18-meter and 16-meter infinity pools with panoramic views of the rolling hills, Bali’s central mountains and the Java Sea. On a clear day, you have a view of more than 50 kilometres onto Java. The 18-meter pool has been nominated by Asia Spa as belonging to the world’s top ten infinity pools.

MMP and their coffee plantation are run by a 100% Balinese team. While they strive for top-notch service, they elected to develop the resort sensitively in unison with the local villages and draw on international experts to help coach the team and train their trainers. The team nowadays comprises some 150 colleagues; making MMP a strong supporter of the local economy. In this way, MMP demonstrates to the people of the area that sustainable tourism is in their interest, creates employment and prosperity, respects the local culture, and helps promote a better environment. In this mission, they were helped by the local villages and Bali’s own star architect Popo Danes who designed the resort. Many guests have stepped forward over the years and helped MMP to implement this vision– some advised on sustainable agriculture, others produced maps, and nearly all the guests have given honest feedback, which they try to take into account as much as possible.

At Munduk Moding Plantation, environmental sustainability is a core value guiding their operations. Operating in a pristine natural environment, still largely untouched by large-scale economic development and tourism, they believe that MMP must contribute to maintaining the beauty of the area. Since August 2014, the Resort is certified Green Globe, an international certification programme for hotels aiming at protecting natural resources while offering high-quality experiences to guests. They are working on the efficiency of their infrastructures and operations and they invite you to participate in this as well.

Dining at MMP

Enjoy a meal at MiMPi or Warung Bongkot with some of the best views on the Island to further whet your appetite. The cuisine is based on local, fresh ingredients and is inspired by the traditions of the island. 

The MiMPi (Indonesian for “dream”) restaurant has great views of the Bali Sea and the central mountains. It is truly a dream-like environment where your sight and taste will be spoilt. Natural materials dominate the interior and tables are set well apart to maximize privacy. Outdoor dining on the terrace under frangipani trees next to the swimming pool is also possible. The table setting includes high-quality linen and flowers.

Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with a seating capacity of forty-five guests. No dress code requirements. Hotel guests have first priority on seating however outside guests are always welcome. 

They serve Indonesian, Asian and Fusion dishes using as much as possible their home-grown vegetables and fruits. In the evening an organic menu is offered while guests have a choice of delectable dishes for lunch. More generally, their chef is very happy to prepare your favourite dishes – please enquire in advance. Breakfast options cover Balinese, Indonesian, American and Continental choices emphasizing fresh and homegrown produce. They store several excellent European and New World wines in their cellar to accompany lunches and dinners.

This restaurant is dedicated to celebrating Balinese cuisine and offers a selection of Balinese specialities, with an emphasis on typical North Bali dishes. The vast majority of ingredients come from their own vegetable and spice gardens which you can visit on the complementary Plantation walk in the morning. The cuisine of North Bali relies heavily on the abundance of blanched vegetables, preserving their taste as well as antioxidants, and is naturally very healthy. There are many different sambals to provide a bit of spice and twist to the dishes – some of these are very spicy but most have very subtle flavours. The degree of spiciness is indicated on the menu.

In Bali, meals are typically enjoyed with family or a group of friends and consist of many dishes that are shared. They would, therefore, encourage you to order a few dishes for your party, together with rice or fries and a selection of sambals. These will all be served together in small pots while each of you will have their individual plates so that you can all try a bit of everything. Soups and starters as well as deserts can be ordered separately.

To facilitate matters they offer a North Bali sampler which consists of some of their favourites. Their waiters will be very happy to assist you in composing your meal and advising you on the dishes.


Indonesian herbs and spices are key ingredients in their treatments for total relaxation and rejuvenation. The spa is a privileged place to abandon your body to the secular secrets of Balinese well-being. The combination of soaring bamboo structures – up to eight meters high – and an alangalang (palm frond) roof gives their SPA a feel of the remoter parts of Indonesia – perhaps Flores or Sumatra. However, the interior is plainly modernist. The two spacious treatment rooms are executed in tropical hardwood, random palimanan stone and marble, with large en suite bathrooms each boasting a huge rock-hewn bathtub carved out of a single piece of river stone. The third room has a comfortable sitting area and lazy chairs dedicated to pedicures and manicures. Their therapist will look after you, unwinding your body and soul, with the heady scent of flowers and spices. Traditional massages, aromatherapy, facials, manicure and pedicure are all offered as well as several Spa packages.