Experiencing the taste of authentic Japanese cuisine isn’t only about filling up your hungry stomach. Most people take the art of Japanese cuisine very seriously. It’s elegant and polished, while its preparation and presentation create the perfect blend of textures, flavours and freshness of the daily produce. That’s probably the reason behind the steady stream of Japanese food enclaves popping up all around the island. From fresh Sashimi platter to fusion Sushi Rolls, from red hot Spicy Ramen to Teppanyaki and Shabu-Shabu, you can satisfy all your Japanese cravings right here in Bali. So, without further ado, ‘itadakimasu’.

Asuka Japanese Dining

Japanese food is not only limited to bento, sushi and sashimi, but also highlighting more authentic and unique food components such as fresh Japanese sea urchin (uni), Japanese Tuna belly (otoro) to its seasonal item of fresh summer oyster (iwagaki) that is only available during certain seasons. Moreover, for diners who enjoy an exceptional quality of beef, Asuka’s grade 5 Kumamoto beef is a highly recommended item to order. In addition to its a la carte offerings, Asuka offers its signature Omakase menu, which is a multi-course tasting menu made from the freshest and finest ingredients of the season. Located at the lobby level of JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta, Asuka Japanese Dining is the ultimate dining destination for diners who highly valued the opportunity to experience sublime Japanese gastronomy.

Hamabe Restaurant

Hamabe Restaurant at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Shabu-Shabu venue, offering a delightful Japanese hot pot dining experience like no other. Shabu-shabu, a traditional Japanese nabemono, brings together the finest ingredients, interactive cooking, and a range of flavorful condiments, promising an unforgettable culinary adventure for guests.

One of the highlights of Hamabe’ Shabu-Shabu is the ability to customize your broth. Choose from a range of tantalizing options, including rich broths and authentic Japanese varieties, ensuring your soup base perfectly complements the ingredients you select.

At Hamabe, interactive dining is key, and the Shabu-Shabu experience is no exception. Take control of your culinary adventure as you cook your preferred ingredients in the bubbling pot right at your table. Enjoy the delightful aroma and savor each perfectly cooked bite, creating memorable moments with your loved ones.


Izakaya by OKU

IZAKAYA BY OKU - bali news

Inspired by the award-winning OKU Restaurant at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, Izakaya by OKU is a modern Japanese restaurant with an atelier concept. The word Izakaya refers to the after-work hub in Japan, where people gather over a meal. This newly unveiled Japanese restaurant features an open kitchen, allowing guests to observe the preparation of the dishes and the chef’s craftsmanship at the highest level.

The chef has more than 15 years experience in Japanese gastronomy, curating a creative menu by taking inspiration from the traditional Japanese cooking method and ingredients. Some of Izakaya by OKU’s signature dishes that are not to be missed include Karasumi Pasta, OKU Kaarage, OKU Aburi Salmon Roll, Truffle Gyu Don, Saikyo Cod, and Mizu as well as “Okukase” – an enticing five-course and seven-course Chef’s degustation menu paired with sakes and signature cocktails. Additionally, an extensive range of Japanese traditional sake and shochu, as well as creative cocktails, are offered, crafted by the resort’s sake sommelier.


Nagisa Japanese Izakaya

This Japanese restaurant located on the lobby level of the hotel offers a new and fresh menu for its diners such as authentic sushi, tempura, teppanyaki, omakase, and ala carte. The restaurant is helmed by a chef who has an experience in authentic Japanese food for more than a decade, Parwoto says “Most of our customers are family, therefore, to cater to their needs, we added a family lunch and dinner menu to be their preference beside aburi salmon and other sushi and teppanyaki.” He added, “All the ingredients are exclusively prepared using only the best and freshest ingredients gathered from the market every morning.”


KITA Restaurant

Helmed by Chef Takeumi Hiraoka, KITA Restaurant offers the authentic flavors of modern Japanese cuisine ranging from Teppanyaki, Shabu-Shabu, Tempura, Robatayaki, Sushi and Sashimi, all served from a lively open kitchen. The restaurant features nine private rooms, each with breathtaking views of the city. Savour the true taste of Sushi and Sashimi, authentically crafted from the freshest fish and seafood, complemented by our exquisite fresh wasabi and shoyu. Discover the pleasures of an eclectic omakase experience.


Shima Teppanyaki

Shima Teppanyaki and Shabu Shabu is renowned for its authentic Teppanyaki setting as well as it’s high-quality products which it is uses for all of its extraordinary dishes. Wagyu beef imported fresh and chilled form Australia, local fresh fish, prawns, and lobster delivered daily as well as locally grown fresh vegetables are prepared before your eyes to an incredibly high standard that must be experienced to fully understand and appreciate.

Situated in high end Petitenget Shima caters for locals and tourists alike.Shima’s internationally trained Chefs provide not only outstanding food choices but a high level of entertainment bringing a uniqueness to Shima’s offering. Unique and special to Shima are its two VIP private rooms seating nine people in each room or combining for eighteen. Whether it is family or friends Shima can create the ambience for a special occasion including a romantic evening for two.

Shima also boasts the best of Shabu Shabu in Bali again using only the highest quality meats, fish and vegetables cooked in a choice of Shimas homemade broths. These popular cuisines are backed up by a full range of delectable choices of Sushi, Sashimi and Tempura all with the emphasis on quality and freshness.



SugarSand, located in Seminyak, Bali, is a popular beachfront dining destination known for its stunning ocean views and vibrant atmosphere. Originally opened in September 2018, SugarSand has recently undergone a transformation, introducing a brand-new menu for lunch, dinner, and cocktails. The restaurant embraces the spirit of a Japanese neighborhood eatery, offering contemporary Japanese cuisine in the famous Izakaya style.

Heading the kitchen at SugarSand is Chef Syamsul Rizal, who brings his extensive culinary experience to curate a menu of modern Japanese dishes using locally sourced ingredients. Chef Syamsul Rizal, who honed his talents at Nobu and joined the establishment early last year after spending most of his tenure overseas. He has worked in the kitchen of international cruise liners, global hotel chains, and at some of the top restaurants in the US, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Morocco. One of his points of pride is working at Miami’s award-winning restaurant Nobu and Zuma in Dubai.