Indonesia learned of its rich civilization and impressive terrain. If you desire to spend a while in the lap of the essence, you can hold tons of stairs in Indonesia. It could be trekking volcanoes, shifting to a remote grassland, and exploring its grace. 

Founded on the kind of journey you belong to, you require to settle on an itinerary. If you desire to move somewhere immaculate for individuals of all epochs, a green in Indonesia is the route to drive. 

Saloka Theme 

A provincial or foreign sightseer who visits Semarang should take a while for the Saloka theme park. It is 1 of the well-liked lures of the spot and a must-go site for the clan. You can buy a token and spend your time with your family in the saloka theme park. You can see a roller coaster and ferris wheel in the park. You can enjoy a ton of rides. They are enjoyable and safe for your little ones. You can also enjoy a ride if you’re seeking something that drives your Adrenaline Rush and makes your moments full of thrill.

Jatim Park 

About 100 KM from Surabaya, you will find tons of theme parks with incredible Joy rides. Jatim Park three is not like other amusement parks. And, it comes with four amusement zones with a shopping mall. It is good for all grandpas, grandmas and kids. It houses the museum in form of a 3-floor structure that comes with multiple music niches across the world. You can try out Dino Park in Jatim. It gives an entry into the Ice Age, Rimba, and living with Dino. You can go to a place that has thousands of wax structures of different personalities. 

Trans Studio

Trans Studio is one of the well-liked amusement greens in Indonesia. It is one of the indoor sites built with one trillion dollars and covers more than 2.29 ha. Trans Studio amusement park in Bandung is one of the well-liked indoor spaces across the world. It comes with stylish pomp of Hollywood and New York film styles.

It comes with joy rides like a magic corner and thirst challenges. It was built on 4.1 ha. The mega mall in Trans Studio covers more than 100000 square meters and houses more than 150 tenants, including foreigners and locals. It also houses a haunted place that allows you to take part in laser games, two indoor roller coasters, and the Boomerang Coaster. The complex houses over three sections like Trans park. 

Waterbom Bali

It is one of the splendid water parks in Indonesia, housing at least a dozen water slides and games for people of all types. There is a tropical pool and garden that covers more than 38000 sq km. You can enjoy an adrenaline-pumping ride and a mini slide available for people of all ages. It has the Smashdown 2.0, which is an updated version of the will-liked joy rides in Bali. The boomerang ride offers you a 20m deep Fall. It has Python and Double Twist, which is perfect for youngsters. It also has a bar that offers multiple drinks.

Bali Safari 

If you want to go on the realistic Safari in Bali, you can’t go wrong with the Bali Safari. It is home to more than a thousand animals from African Savanna, Indonesia, and India. You get to explore more when you go to the Bali Safari as it is the home to 400 residents, most of which are endangered. Do you want to see elephants dancing or climbing a ride? You can proceed to the petting zoo for the same and learn a folk step in Bali. You should not miss out on the feeding time for piranhas and white tigers. 

Micke Funland 

It seems to be the best amusement park for families and friends. The best thing is you get to enjoy 35 amusement rides with one ticket. It seems to be the first theme park in Sumatra that comes with tons of amusement rides enjoyable at one ticket. If you like to make the most of the Funland in Indonesia, we will ask you to have at least 3 hours available for sightseeing. The Mikie Funland Park comes with tons of joy rides and places to visit like the grove zoo, museum, and disc golf. 

Bali Bird Park

You won’t just discover amusement parks and established hotels in Bali. But, there are a ton of animal reserves in Indonesia. In the Gianyar Regency of Bali, there is one Bali bird park, which is home to thousands of rare chicks. This wildlife park was reserved to protect thousands of endangered creatures. It does not just offer fauna attractions. But, there is an eatery that offers tasty dishes and home-cooked icecreams. It also has a 4D film theatre that offers an enthralling experience. The park remains open from 9 AM to 5:30 PM. If you’re in Kuta, Ball bird park is just 40 min by car. 


It is a land full of amusement parks and has a couple of places to enjoy for friends and families. If you want to move back to your childhood, theme parks are a must-go for you. When you go to the amusement zone in Indonesia, you can enjoy a day free of hassle and stress. 

You will get to enjoy the best of life experiences in the award-winning amusement park in Indonesia. With this guide, you can get the most out of adventure sports in Bali. We mentioned the names of some adventure parks that you can’t miss out on your shift to Indonesia.