“Attention to detail” is the phrase used by scuba divers in this wide and fresh paradise, as seahorses whirl all over the place. The aquatic land here is no place for scuba beginners as Manta Rays and, wobbegongs might slither on you if you are not careful.

Nonetheless, it is a dream comes true for subaquatic fanatics – and a surreal site for snorkelers too. It is a blissful habitat for species on land; such as spectacular Cendrawasih or the bird of Paradise.

raja ampat

This is the preeminent destination that stands out in the world as an aqua habitat for more than 9.8 million species living underwater and a favourite destination for nature bloggers, travel writers and renowned nature’s documentaries such as National Geographic.

raja ampat

The first step is to get a scuba diver operator then consider preparing your Indonesian Visa (If you are not in Indonesia yet). It is best to buy anything you might need before catching your flight to Jakarta, from Kuala Lumpur to Sorong in West Papua. please note that most flights stopover in Makassar(UJUNG PADANG Airport) in Sulawesi. Alternatively, you can catch a flight from Manado to Sorong.

This is one of the Unique and sacred remote Islands; to get here you will need permission to enter West Papua. The formalities will be completed by your dive operator, you will find the friendliest local staff from your dive resort waiting for you with heartwarming smiles and they will hurriedly take you to your diving resort/final destination