Every year, Harbour City’s Christmas campaign gives huge surprises to everyone. This year, Harbour City will transform into a Sweet Forest, permeating love and warmth to bring your family heartwarming blessings.

Sweet Blessings Sprung from Sweet Forest

Upon arrival at the entrance at Ocean Terminal Forecourt, you will be greeted here by two adorable marshmallow deer. Walking through the giant window, you will enter a surreal Sweet Forest. In the Forest are a dozen Christmas trees colouring in pink, coral and lake blue, which assemble to a group of cotton candies, spreading sweetness all around. At the centre of the Forest, two icing cookie snowman is melting into a field of snow, inviting you for a hug before it’s too late. Along the trees are several Christmas Crystal Ball Jukeboxes and Capsule Candy Machines; once activated by a token, the gingerbread men and marshmallow snowman in the jukeboxes dance romantically together to the Christmas songs, cheering you up. Sweet blessings will also come out from the Capsule Candy Machines. If you recycle a capsule on-site, a Sweet Luck Forecaster will bring you a lucky word of the day, making this Christmas even sweeter.

Sweet Forest - travel treasures

Hong Kong’s First Marshmallow House

At the very end of the Forest, you’ll discover the first-ever Marshmallow House in Hong Kong, as wide as 4 meters and as long as 6 meters. You and your beloved ones can lie down in a sea of over 3000 pieces of marshmallow. Made up of LED screens, the walls display festive animations and music, creating a joyful space that makes you want to stay forever.

All You Knit Is Love Art Installations

The Forest extends inside Harbour City with “All You Knit Is Love” interactive art installations knitted by Brazilian Artist Anne Galante, who is here to make her overseas debut. Famous for her unique oversized creations, Anne has knitted a garden and playground by hands on-site, with the help of a group of local arts and fashion students. Let’s come and indulge in an unimagined wave of warmth.

At the garden at Atrium II, Gateway Arcade, Anne has knitted a 5-meter high tree and a soft, comfortable lawn, where you can lie serenely on the benches and appreciate the beauty of the art piece. In the giant, pink “yarn ball” aside, plenty of tiny, bright-coloured yarn balls dangle in front of mirrors on both sides, inspiring boundless imagination.

AllYouKnitIsLove_AtriumII_GW_3 - travel treasures

Anne has also brought a playground of over 700 sq. ft. to Atrium, Ocean Terminal, by knitting a pool of “yarns” on a plush lawn. Kids can get on the train together with adorably dressed animals and elves to the playground and slide into a soft, comfortable sea of “yarn balls”, therefore enjoying a taste of a warm, vibrant winter.

What’s more, there are 30 trees of ever-changing colours and patterns along the Gateway Corridor, reminding you of the natural beauty of the Brazilian rainforest. Among them, many have already been taken by various supporters with donations to HKBCF.

AllYouKnitIsLove_AtriumII_GW_3 - travel treasures

More info, visit harbourcity.com.hk