Swiss Professionalism with Asian Passion are the central pillars of Swiss-Belhotel International‘s brand vision and hospitality. With an extraordinary portfolio of 16 brands, the Group’s quintessentially Swiss qualities and values, delivered with Asian passion, are inspired to foster unique and immersive experiences.

Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam, Dalat, Vietnam
Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam, Dalat, Vietnam

Continuing its journey after the 34th Anniversary celebrations, the brand reinforces its commitment to developing in the Asian markets specifically with a focus on Vietnam. The evolving needs of Vietnamese travellers and owners is leading to a rise in the branded residence market. Swiss-Belhotel International sees this market in Vietnam to be vibrant and energetic.

Gavin M. Faull, Chairman and President of Swiss-Belhotel International, said, “Switzerland is the symbol of hospitality. As a brand rooted in Swiss traditions, with a growth strategy in Asia and the Middle East for the past 33 years, we have not only embraced the world-renowned Swiss qualities across our operations globally but merged them well with the warmth and friendliness of the Asian regions.”

Mr. Faull continues to say, “With our high service standards designed around the commitment to quality, efficiency and excellence, we are certain that our skills and expertise can be capitalised on to add value to the new and emerging markets within Vietnam. We see the branded residences as having very strong synergies with this.”

The Group envisions to bring Swiss-style luxury hospitality to the homes of the aspirational Vietnamese. It is seeking to partner as an International brand with professional real estate developers to bring an unmatched holistic approach to the unique blend of the residential and hospitality market.

As the Group continues to expand and diversify its portfolio of hotels delivering memorable guest experiences across the globe, he stressed, “We believe in hospitality that is warm and welcoming. We emphasise on the provision of safe and secure environments for wholesome living. Whether you are an owner or a guest, at every level of our business, we are looking after every level of yours.”

The Group is currently talking with a number of enthusiastic developers and will have some very exciting announcements in the near future.