As Vietnam joins the rest of the world in social distancing to combat COVID-19, the country’s tourism board is reaching out with a themed resource kit to keep travellers connected, creative and inspired. Vietnam Publishes ‘Stay At Home with Vietnam’ Kit for Housebound Travellers.

Those who have had to cancel or cut short trips to Vietnam, or are unable to travel to the country this year may enjoy exploring the activities in the ‘Stay At Home‘ kit, created by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) together with the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board (TAB).

The kit, free on, features 360-degree interactive tours of Vietnam’s renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites, easy recipes for popular Vietnamese dishes such as banh mi and bun cha, colouring pages celebrating classic Vietnam moments, and suggestions for cultural explorations in books, music and art. The tourism board is also inviting future travellers to explore its ‘My Vietnam‘ series: a collection of insightful videos and personal interviews with locals across the country.

While the country’s borders have been officially closed since March 22, the tourism board hopes the ‘Stay at Home’ kit will offer a piece of Vietnam to those outsides, until the country is ready to welcome visitors again. Tourism leaders said the country’s fast action and effective prevention system place Vietnam in a strong position to receive travellers again soon.

Those who wish to share experiences from past trips to Vietnam can do so by tagging #MyVietnam or @vietnamtourismboard on Facebook and Instagram or can win gift sets by participating in giveaways on Vietnam’s official social platforms.

Vietnam recently set up an English-language tourism helpline for travellers remaining in the country. Those seeking assistance can call (+84) 378 173371 during business hours for guidance on visas, accommodation, food services, and more. New policies, closures and statistics related to the COVID-19 situation in Vietnam are updated daily on the national tourism website.

For more information or to download the ‘Stay At Home with Vietnam’ materials, please visit: