As the largest city in Vietnam, no wonder Ho Chi Minh attracts more and more visitors every year. Mainly because the whose city is filled with ancient historical sites, diverse cultures and great food. Named after Vietnam’s former Prime Minister and President, the city became popular with the name Saigon, not until 1976.

Exploring Ho Chi Minh requires at least 2 days, from sight-seeing ancient buildings to watching many motorbikes pass by, from ancient historical sites to religious temples and recreational parks. Also known best for its culinary experience, here are some recommended and interesting spots in the busy city of Saigon.

French Architecture and Historical Sites

There was a period of rich and superior happened when Vietnam was a French colony and Ho Chi Minh changed name to Saigon.  At the time, the French left so many beautiful architectures as well as their wines. The historical sites are located near each other and mostly are within walking distance. Some of the ancient buildings that are by far the most interesting ones include the Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Opera House, the central post office and many more.

Notre Dame Cathedral 1 - travel treasures


Enjoy a Walk Along Saigon River

A perfect relaxing walk along Saigon River is surely enjoyable during daytime and nighttime. The beautiful view of the city makes more pleasant with indigenous flowers and branches along the sidewalk. There is also a luxury speed boat tour along the Saigon River for the view of modern skyscrapers and rural cities.

Saigon River - travel treasures

A Night Exploring at Nguyen Hue Street

After a day walk along the Saigon River, exploring the night at Nguyen Hue Street will complete a hungry tummy. Plus, the street gets so busy at night that makes good sport for the eyes. As sight-seeing traffic pass by, great local street foods are worth eating in a unique way.

Nguyen Hue Street - travel treasures

Emperor Jade Pagoda

A religious place to visit, the Emperor Jade Pagoda is a temple for the locals to do their blessings and for tourists to see the religious side of the local people. A big statue of Emperor Jade, or known as the God of Heavens, is placed inside the temple. A nice warm atmosphere surrounding the temple with burned incense makes it feel so sacred and welcoming to all visitors.

Jade Pagoda vietnam - travel treasures

The War Remnants Museum

The War Remnants Museum is taking people back to history. In this case, the war of the Vietnamese people that are horrific in reality. The aftermath of the war makes a tragic ending that impacts the life of the locals. The war museum itself contains exhibitions of military equipment, graphic images, hazardous chemicals that were used to kill and tortured prisoners, as well as other forms of exhibitions.

The War Remnants Museum - travel treasures