The contrasting landscapes, the cultural complexities, and the mouth-wateringly incredible food, make Vietnam with kids a fascinating destination. Couple this with good transport, and the fact that it’s a safe destination and the tourist dollar goes far, it’s no wonder that increasingly more families are choosing to explore Vietnam.

Vietnamese Street Food

Vietnam is a foodie’s paradise. Kids generally enjoy Vietnamese cuisine, which is rarely too spicy. In Hanoi, you can hit the Old Quarter and enjoy a walking food tour. Local tour guide will lead you through the maze of bustling streets and introduce you to exotic snacks like deep-fried swamp eels, silkworm carcasses, farm rats, and even baluts.

Crawl the Cu Chi Tunnels

Crawl the Cu Chi Tunnel in Vietnam

For families with older kids or teens, a visit to the Cu Chi Tunnel can be both informative and interesting. The Cu Chi Tunnels, located 60 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City, were used by the Viet Cong soldiers during the Vietnam War. The tunnels were served as hiding spots during combat, with communication and supply routes, living quarters for many guerrilla fighters and so much more. Learning about the tunnel systems they fought in, the clever booby traps they devised and the tactics that helped them to survive will leave you in awe. Even though kids don’t care about the history, they will love to crawl it for a bit of adventure and challenge!

Lantern Making 

Families to Hoi An can also learn how to make lanterns in a workshop. Hoi An is a town of lanterns. The streets are lit up with these traditional lanterns. Your kids will learn about the history and art of lantern making, make their own lanterns with the guidance of an experienced local craftman and take home a handmade souvenir! It was a meaningful learning experience for the whole family.

Cooking Class

Kids love to do things on their own so they certainly will love to have a cooking lesson that’s popular in Vietnam. Families can cook local dishes together, tour a food market , visit a herb garden and enjoy meals with fellow classmates.

Night Safari at Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park is located two hours north-west of Ho Chi Minh City. It is perfect for family travellers who want to get away from the noise of the big city. This national park is protecting a lot of animals that are endangered in Vietnam. Cat Tien National Park offers a tour called Night Safari where all participants get on a big truck while a tour guide help you spot the stunning animals like barking deer, vivet cats, samba deer, wild pigs, porcupines, gaur, and weasels without disturbing their natural habitat.