I am a great admirer of Thai food and never leave a chance to indulge myself in tasting it. Having seen Tamarind Hill in its development stage, I was anxious to make my first excursion.

Landing there, you’d think you’d some way or another crossed the fringe without figuring it out! This spot is outwardly shocking. Besides being concealed tough in the gorgeous greenery that is Labrador Park, Tamarind Hill is set in a delightfully composed provincial house on a ‘small scale slope’ which neglects the ocean. It’s the sort of spot you’d envision an Ambassador’s ball occurring in the mid-1900s, gracious sweetheart!

tamarind hill Singapore - travel treasures

Tamarind Hill serves ‘delicate feasting Thai’. I wouldn’t fret saying that my typical longings for Thai lead me to my magnificent nearby vendor and delicate feasting. Well, I am charmed to say that what started to be served was out wonderful.

Beginning with the Tamarind platter – Mahoi, Calamari tidied with kaffir lime ocean salt, Prawn cake, and Salmon Tataki – this was a super start to the dinner. While every one of the four servings was great; I need to give extraordinary applause to the Prawn Cakes and Salmon Tataki. The Prawn Cakes were simply ravishing! Delicately mixed – appetising onion-capsicum-prawn filling and fresh outside, they were so high they didn’t require any plunging sauce. As for the Salmon Tataki, this was a percentage of the super highlights of the feast.

Besides being delightful, crisp bits of fish and expertly singed, the dressing they utilise is beyond words! I had a little speculate the fixings however simply think lime, garlic, bean stew, coriander and sweet stew. I need a jug of this at home! To improve it, even the fish adaptation was served on a bed of julienned radish, which doused up all the sauce give it the kind of surface of a Som Tam. Excellent!

tamarind hill Singapore - travel treasures

The following dish was a Scallop Tempura in Phanaeng Curry. Another diamond! Overlooking the way that I cherish Phanaeng Curry, most importantly other Thai curries, this surface and taste blend was heavenly. Delicate Scallops in a somewhat firm Tempura are splashing up the thick red, rich nectar. Grilled wagyu sirloin and foie grass-finished with a green curry lessening. Pardon me while I wipe the dribble far from my mouth. This dish was crazy!

Succulent and consummately cooked medium-uncommon lumps of Wagyu; a fat, somewhat salted foie grass chunk, and green curry sauce to make any Thai Chef blush. This was the piece de resistance. It took my breath away! On the off chance that you go to Tamarind Hill, which you ought to: Order it!

tamarind hill Singapore - travel treasures

Hand on heart; this developed lunch at Tamarind Hill was one of the best eating encounters I have had here in Singapore. The fixings are crisp and the dishes consummately executed. Also the delightful setting and astounding administration, Tamarind Hill has instantly bounced to the highest priority on my rundown of must-attempt eateries.

For Thai food lovers, I can say “It’s Pure Bliss, you won’t resist the feel to have more and more”. I loved each and every dish I had, and I still crave more to the taste. I will soon make another trip to fulfil the cravings of my taste buds.

tamarind hill Singapore - travel treasures

More info about the restaurant, visit tamarindrestaurants.com