If this is your first trip to Singapore, as heaven for every traveller, this developed city in South East Asia offers plenty of tourist spots. Since you are still new in this country, you may need some tips and tricks to make sure your trip is going well.

Public transportation is a must!

Singapore is well-known for its sophisticated public transport, which is Mass Rapid Transit or MRT. Unlike any other public transport in another city or country, Singapore’s MRT provides many routes which can take you to the most favourable spots in town. It is not only about technology and design but also to save time and money. To make it more convenient for multiple days holiday, taking Singapore Tourist Pass is an excellent choice.

Eat like locals

China town and Marina Bay is two of the best culinary spots in Singapore. There are numerous food stalls available which sell signature dishes like Chilli Crab, Hainan Rice and Chicken Rice. Have more budget to explore luxurious meal? Singapore is famous for the cheapest Michelin star restaurant. Go try it when you still in Singapore!

Come early to Garden by the Bay

Since it becomes top priority attraction, you have to come early to avoid the crowd in the queue line. Explore all the sections, including the upper walkway, and let it amazed you!

singapore Garden by the bay night spore - travel treasures

Prepare the most proper clothes

Like any other South Asian countries, Singapore has hot and humid weather. Be prepared for up to 30°C temperature. It is advisable to prepare breathable and light fabric clothes.

Don’t feel commanded with tips

You don’t need to give tip to the staff since it is not the culture. Unless you receive an incredibly satisfying service, tips will be highly appreciated.