The term backpacking is derived from the activity of using a backpack. A backpack can easily be carried for long periods of time and can be used for long distance travelling and hiking among other activities. Backpacking is majorly an activity that’s associated with people when they are using public transport, when one is going for longer trip duration as compared with vacations and when people go for hikes and local sightseeing visits.

Backpackers guide in Singapore
Pushing Singapore to my back has never been easy. Since I started using this guide, travelling has become even more interesting. This diamond-shaped island has a lot to offer for backpackers who are on a budget. Though it is possible to get a jest of what this island is, taking a one-month vacation means a true exploration of the entire island. After spending a year in Singapore, it dawned on me that not only the rich can be able to come here for a vacation but almost everyone can afford to be here.

To begin with, the island might seem like a rather strict place with numerous rules and regulations. However, quick learning of the dos and the don’ts enabled me to learn that it is truly a friendly nation that has a blend of expats together with cultures from the entire globe. Their rules are what have made this city amongst the safest places one can ever visit. As a first time backpacker, it will be prudent for you to “Stuff your eyes with wonder in Singapore, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See Singapore. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.”

Moving Around Singapore
There are a number of ways a backpacker can move around Singapore. You obviously need the means to move from the airport to your place of residence as well as to move around the island exploring the beauty of the place. “A traveller without observation is a bird without wings.” The truth is that observation is only complete if you are moving around.

There are very affordable taxis in this city. With as little as $20, you will be able to move to or from the airport to your room. It is definitely the easiest option when you have a late night flight as well as when you are in groups of four. It has always been my preference since all the times I come to Singapore, my wife and daughter always accompany me.

The most popular and easiest way to move around the city is by the use of the Metro System commonly known as MRT. It is the most connected means to the airport as well as around the island. With the prices being averaging $3-$4, to get to the airport, I always have an affordable way to move around. Although buses are also available on some routes, I rarely use them. Instead, I prefer walking around.

Nice Weekend Away
Whenever I get more play time, I prefer to visit Singapore. A single weekend is enough for me to wonder, exploring some of the hidden gems being offered by the city. With a 24-hour plan, I am able to spend a good time covering some corners of the city. The truth is, whether a take a month or a weekend in Singapore, “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

Marina Bay: This is amongst the newest developments in Singapore, coming to us as a magical night time spot. There is no better place of appreciating the well-lit up skyscrapers together with the glimmering waters as from this spot. Checking out the breathtaking infinity pool, a water display, held a 20:00 daily, as well as the Merlion, is really therapeutic. An additional Garden by this Bay ensures that I am met with real tranquillity of the city.

Chinatown: This offers a great opportunity for me to buy gifts from an area that has been decked with attractive shop fronts. At the Maxwell food court, I enjoy an array of foods from the local and international cuisines. I have been lucky to taste the Mooncake as last year; I was here during the Mid-Autumn Moon Festive.

Other places to visit include the Arab Street, the Botanic Gardens and Little India among others. The Botanic Gardens offers a great park walk day, especially during the summer. It is my place of preference when am recovering from a lazy jet lag day. Little India on the other side offers a nice spot to do shopping as well as exploring the interesting smell of spices on sale.

It is true that Singaporeans love to shop, a factor that has made it possible and easy for me to shop whenever I am in this island. In addition, the Chinatown, other shopping spots include the Mustafa Center (found at Little India), Sim Lim Center, Vivo shopping centre (the largest indoor shopping centre on the island), Orchard Shopping road on the 5th avenue and Bugis among others.

When visiting Singapore, you don’t need to pack everything in your backpack while leaving home. Just pack what you need, and with just enough money for someone on a budget, you will enjoy your stay and shopping thus being able to come back home with a full bag of gifts and with little hassle. Make that bold step and visit Singapore as Charles Dudley Warner says that “there is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.” Try and begin it.