Singapore can be your choice for foodies who want to have a new experience with superb quality. Many restaurants in Singapore offer world-class restaurant food and service. Several restaurants in Singapore have received prestigious world awards, such as a Michelin star and the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Asia. The experience at this Singapore restaurant also offers a different concept with the efforts to protect food and environmental development and empower the local economy from the ideals brought by each chef.

From the following restaurants, you can also understand the unique world landscape due to Singapore’s fine dining restaurants food from worldwide. Singapore is offering you to reimagine the global culinary taste without the need to fly far from your country. The chefs cook classic and contemporary dishes with the plate-like art canvas to satisfy all guests’ visual senses.


Odette is in second place in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021. Previously, since 2019-2020 Odette was in the first position in a row. The restaurant is also listed as a recipient of three Michelin stars, the most prestigious level.

Odette Restaurant is located in the historical building of the National Gallery Singapore. The design of the room features pastel colours that are soothing and elegant. Each room is also decorated with an art installation by local artist Dawn Ng that depicts the beauty of raw food ingredients in Odette’s kitchen. Odette’s chef, Julien Royer, brings French food with Asian ingredients rich in umami taste. Royer himself is a chef who has brilliant achievements, by forging his knowledge in famous restaurants in Paris and London, until finally moving to Singapore.

Les Amis

Les Amis is a legendary fine dining restaurant in Singapore that has been open since 1994. When it first opened, Les Amis made a splash and became a trendsetter for fine dining restaurants in Singapore. For more than 25 years, Les Amis is still serving good quality food, as evidenced by its three Michelin stars and 13th place in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2021.

You can taste classic dishes made by chef Sebastien Lepinoy such as cold angel hair pasta with kombu, caviar and black truffle, sea urchin soufflé with anise sauce and caviar crystals, and egg meurette with black truffle laposan and bourguignonne sauce.

Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends is the right place for your steak and barbecue lovers. The chef, Dave Pynt, is a master of grilled dishes. The Burnt Ends concept introduces a modern barbeque restaurant with an open kitchen that guests can see directly. The menu at this restaurant changes every day and is not limited to meat dishes. This restaurant also serves seafood, vegetables, and eggs cooked by grilling.


As the name suggests, Zen offers a Japanese-style concept of calm and balance in food, drink, and room design. Scottish chef Tristin Farmer heads the restaurant. He combines French, Nordic and Japanese cooking and cooking techniques in every dish. You can try the eight main course with the most awaited Grand Tradition French Toast.

The concept of a Zen restaurant is unique because it is a three-story restaurant. Each floor represents its function. The ground floor is a snack and appetizer dining area, the second floor is for eating main meals, and the third floor is for eating desserts.