A small island, white sandy beaches, luxury resorts and panoramic views are all can be found in just one island. They are all found in a one-stop travelling to Boracay, the island of paradise. Things to do when travelling to Boracay Philippines:

Boracay Island and Beach Boat Tour

Photo credit @sethlestath

While on the island, go touring around the island such as Crocodile Island and Crystal Cove Island and enjoy the beaches at Balinghai Beach and Puka Beach in this 5-hour boat tour. The tour also includes snorkelling and swimming surrounded by white sand beaches and beautiful coral reefs.

Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

Photo credit @sethlestath

A good adrenaline activity is to fly high in a chopper. Explore Boracay island from the top on an approximately 15-20 minute tour depending on the locations. A view of a paradise is captured just from above.

Mount Luho View Deck

For adventure seekers, sightseeing over Mount Luho View Deck is a must. Great panoramic view of the island on a hike or climb up high wooden stairs for sure is the best spot. When reaching the top, a little viewing deck standby for viewers to enjoy.

Boracay Pub Crawl

A fun activity at night of partying and meeting new friends from around the world is to experience going to pub crawls to explore the Boracay’s nightlife. A meet up in between 50-150 pub crawlers ready for free shots and good drink deals at every stop. Hence, an experienced guide and professional photographer will capture the 5 hours of the best moments.

Even though a small island, Boracay is famous for its water activities and scenic views. Hence, the island is also home to beautiful coral reefs and various marine life. Travelling to Boracay will surely refresh the eyes and minds of every travellers.