Bohol used to be a well-kept secret, but now this lovely island is getting more and more tourists every day. When in Bohol, don’t miss the chance to bask in sand and sea. The numerous beachfront properties can brag about having some of the whitest sand and bluest of the sea of the Philippines.

Bohol offers a huge selection of hotels and resorts. You can find the perfect accommodation at the 4-star hotel – Bellevue Resort Bohol or the 3-star hotel Bohol Sea Resort or budget hotels like Paragayo Resort. For people looking for authentic Filipino food, Gerarda’s restaurant is the best dining venue. Bohol bee farm, Cainget Fish Grill, Hayahay and Giuseppe are some of the popular food joints at Bohol.

kawasan falls - travel treasures

Put on your sunscreen lotion and don a swimsuit to get a handy dip. Also, visit Bohol museum to take a visit to the past of Bohol. Other than that, there is the Baclayon Museum which is made from the old convent on the Baclayon Church. A testament to nature’s spellbinding wonder is Chocolate Hills. They are authentic geological creativity found only in the Philippines. The tufts of grass change into a chocolaty brown shade when the dry season commences. The extravaganza of 1,268 hills of about the same size and shape give the illusion of chocolates in a box. You can visualize this from a viewing deck on one of the hills. Legends have a tale to tell you regarding this.

It goes something like: A young giant named Arogo grew really fond of Aloya who was a mortal lass. When her days came to an end, Arogo’s sorrowful tears changed into hills. Love can certainly do wonders but it is left up to you whether to believe this lore or not. Nevertheless, it would give you a silent feeling of admiration within you. You can also click pictures of tarsiers, who are the world’s smallest primates. Don’t miss the fun at Loboc river cruise through a bamboo raft and Busay falls. Inambakan Falls is also a beautiful tourist spot. Hinagdanan cave has a natural pool in the cavern underground where you can have a handy dip in its cool waters.

bohol island - travel treasures

Cebu City is a part of Philippine archipelago. It is a heaven for beach lovers, divers, golfers, cave explorers and mountain climbers. For nocturnal people and party animals, Cebu offers a happening nightlife at reasonable prices. If you are visiting Cebu City with your better half, don’t fail to visit Plaza Independencia. It is a famous dating site where lovers meet up generally. It is one of the most significant places in the history of the Philippines. In 2006, pre-Hispanic human bones were dug out from the SRP tunnel over here. Make sure you go to Lapulapu shrine. You can purchase souvenirs for your relatives and also check out the famous guitar makers of Cebu City.

Kawasan waterfalls and Badian beach are some of the nicest places for tourists. If you are confused regarding your stay at Cebu, just relax. There are deluxe comfortable rooms at cheap rates and accessible locations. Zerenity Hotel & Suites offer affordable and clean rooms, at a location close to everything you may need and shopping complexes. You can choose from many other options according to your requirements. If you wish to have great food at pocket-friendly rates, Cebu city has a myriad of restaurants for you. Be it French, Italian, Filipino, American, Chinese or Spanish food, Cebu provides the needs for them all.

For travellers, Bohol and Cebu City offer a beautiful wealth of options to take you away from your forlorn and reinvigorate you with a new life, top-up fresh air within you and replenish you with exuberance yet again.