Ah…February, the month of love, or so they say. This time of the year is a perfect time to take your current relationship to the next level. And when it comes to creating memories that last a lifetime, there is almost nowhere as dreamy as Bali to pop up that ‘question’. This island is indeed a paradise for couples in love.

Well, if you have always dreamed of saying ‘I Do’ on a sandy beach, in a lush jungle, on a dramatic cliffside overlooking crashing waves, or even in an emerald green rice paddy, all of those are actually doable on this island. Here, we have compiled some best spots in Bali to pop up that question.

Around Bali’s Natural Views

The lush and terraced rice field provide a beautiful and unique backdrop for your down-on-one-knee moment. A simple trick of asking the question at the right time when the sun is going down would work just fine. Draped by a majestic lush rice field setting, you can embrace the mix sensation of romance, exotic and culture; a combination that you can hardly find on this island.

Up In The Air

How about do it with style? Let’s do it from the air. Ask your partner for a short trip with a helicopter. As you hover on the island, the pilot will take you to a spot that you have prepared where “Will You Marry Me?” has written on the sand. This idea may cost a bit much, but definitely worth every dime.

Sing Your Love

If you both are info music, you can take your partner for a romantic dinner by the beach. Hire a group of singers to play both of your favourite songs. Before the songs end, you down on your knee and show the ring. You can image the rest, right?

In the Middle of the Ocean

Take your bride-to-be to a voyage through the blue ocean for the freedom feeling over the endless horizon. Rent a yacht for a 3-hour trip and sail away until sunset. You can expect an evening of romance before popping that big proposal.

Horseback Riding Proposal

It is not necessary for you and your partner to have a horse riding skill to make this possible. The only thing to be considered is would you prefer to do it during sunset on the beach or sunrise at the rural village? And, how you’re gonna propose? Simply ask the question or show the ring. It shouldn’t be that hard, should it?

Help From the Elephant

How about an elephant brings the flower, and you bring the ring? If you wish to have this giant mammal with a great memory to be a part of your moment, Mason Elephant Park and Lodge can help you. The best scenario is to stay at their lodge so you will have more time to discuss the plan with the staff there. The Safari Night Journey through the misty forest of Taro might be a good start for the plan.