Indonesia has temporarily banned all visits and transits by foreign nationals to the country to curb the further spread of the coronavirus. Indonesia’s President sees that the current policy needs to be made stricter. Indonesia has decided that all visits and transits by foreign nationals to Indonesia are temporarily banned.

Exceptions to the ban include those with work permits as well as diplomats, stressing that proper health protocols will still apply. President Jokowi believed that Indonesia is stepping up measures to limit mobility among its citizens within the country, but threats of coronavirus spread also come from overseas.

Mr Jokowi said Indonesia needs stronger measures to limit mobility after receiving reports that thousands of workers in Jakarta and its surrounding areas have returned to their home towns after losing most or all of their income amid the coronavirus outbreak. There have been concerns of a spread of infections as people from Jakarta, the epicentre of the country’s outbreak, return home. The government is preparing regulations that would make it possible for Jakarta and other coronavirus red zones to be put under an “area quarantine”, term observers see as equivalent to a lockdown, which would stop flows of people going in and out.