Finding a great place to eat shouldn’t be difficult. But it can be, if you live in Kuta, Bali. There are too many restaurants offering different types of food. You want to eat steak but your friends want sushi. You’re craving for nasi campur but your kids want Chinese food. In the end, you go to either place and some people will be disappointed.

Such sacrifice is unnecessary if you know where to go. Located next to Dijon Cafe at Setiabudi Street, Dewa Ruci Food Market is a new food court serving different types of cuisines from Indonesia and around the world.

Venue Dewa Ruci Food Market

Want to eat Japanese food? Head to Sushi Ito. Try tuna or salmon sushi and one of their rice rolls. If you like fried food, try chicken tempura and end your meal with a bowl of miso soup. If one of your hangout friends can’t eat fish, avocado rolls will be perfect for them. If you’re curious why California roll is a huge trend in the US, try their fish-avocado topped rolls, such as, Caterpillar, Hawaii rolls, and Sweet Cali.

Japanese Cuisine at Sushi Ito

Maybe you’ve worked hard at the gym and now you want some treat. Roasted ribs from Iga Bakar Dewa Ruci sound great for the cheat day. They also have spaghetti and fries, so that’s perfect. If you’re more of a seafood person, try grilled fish from Ikan Bakar Nina. Seafood Garage also offers fish, though it’s cooked in a different way, i.e. with soup with lots of veggies. Prawns, clams, eggs, and squids, are also in the menu. They also have fries and potato wedges for snacks.

Seafood treats at Seafood Garage

But it’s not a full meal if there’s no rice in it. So you must check out Nasi Pecel Raja. They’ll serve you the humble yet tasty pecel rice, and a bowl of rawon (black nut soup) if you wish. Long for spicy food? They got you covered. Try a plate of rice with kulit goreng from Nasi Kulit Neraka. It will improve your spiciness tolerance, but a gentle warning from us: spicy food can be addictive. So beware.

Spicy local Dish at Nasi Kulit Neraka

Don’t feel like eating a big meal? No worries. Dimsum Chika will indulge you with choice of Hong Kong dimsum. Try their chicken hakau, dumpling sushi rolls, or vegetable spring rolls. They have another shop in Jimbaran. Dimsum Chika is a new business but despite all odds, it thrives during this difficult time. Not too many businesses opened two branches in a close period in a year. It just shows how popular their products are.

Dim Sum at Dimsum Chika

Besides snacks, you know what can go well with your meal? Great music. That’s right. Not only can you enjoy a wide array of cuisine in one place, but also a live musical performance as well. That’s because Dewa Ruci Food Market also features local musicians and singers in their venue. Now, that’s a complete package: good food and good music. In the past, only royals would be entertained while dining. Now you can have a royal experience with a layman’s price.

If you’re worried about going out, you can pick up your phone and make an online order. Most shops offer delivery. You can order via WhatsApp, GrabFood, and GoFood. However, check with each business to confirm.

Jimbaran Grilled Fish at Warung Nina

Dewa Ruci Food Market opens from 11 AM to 11 PM, Monday to Friday, and from 9.00 AM to 11.30 PM on the weekend. Many food businesses have joined the food court, but since they’re still accepting new tenants, there will be many more to come.*

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