Indonesia has previously announced that it will close its borders to all travellers from China and to ban all direct flights from China. Since last week, Indonesia has also stopped importing cattle from China to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus to Indonesia.

Given the current situation of the Coronavirus, many tourists choose not to travel to Bali. As a result, many hotels and tourist attractions are having a hard time. Bali prays to be safe from a Coronavirus outbreak. Also, the Bali Tourism Agency organised a mass prayer in Denpasar, which was attended by those working in the tourism sector. “We truly hope that this matter will be over soon and the people can return to their activities like usual,” said I Putu Astawa, who heads the agency. He noted the importance of tourism to Bali’s economy and hopes that the coronavirus, which has killed more than 1100 people and infected more than 45,000 others, will not affect those in Bali.

Anxious People

“The Coronavirus is scaring people because it is new and much is not known about it. But what we can tell so far is that this is no Ebola. Most people who contract it recover just fine” writes Katherine Mason, professor of anthropology at Brown University and author of “Infectious Change: Reinventing Chinese Public Health After an Epidemic.” She adds, “The fatality rate appears to be considerably lower than SARS. Most fatalities are among the elderly and those with preexisting conditions.”

In addition, there is a growing fear among people that the new Coronavirus may be going undetected in Indonesia, where officials have not confirmed a single case of infection among the 272 million-strong population, despite the country’s close links to China.

Chinese Tourists

According to agency data, at least 15,000 Chinese tourists have had their trips to the island cancelled amid fears of the virus. Many Chinese tourist groups, each consisting of 1,000 to 2,000 people, had planned to visit Bali in February, but their trips had been cancelled indefinitely. According to Statistics Indonesia, Chinese tourists account for the second-highest number of foreign tourist visits to Indonesia, after Malaysia. About 1.9 million Chinese tourists visited the archipelago from January to November 2019. 


The government of Bali has taken precautions to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. At the airport of Denpasar, all incoming passengers are requested to cooperate in a possible health check, if requested.

Also, a thermal scanner will be installed at Denpasar Airport, with which the virus can be detected early at the airport. These steps are taken to keep the visitors, but also the residents of Bali, safe. At government buildings, hospitals, and medical clinics, people are alerted to the virus through announcements. Medical facilities are also provided with the necessary equipment and possibilities for quarantine in the event of a suspected outbreak.

The Coronavirus has not been diagnosed with anyone in Indonesia and good precautions are being taken. This is why Bali is safe to visit.

Source: Bali News