Bali has always been known as a top tourism destination in Indonesia, not only for its stunning beaches, but also for the various cultural and sporting events organized on the island. One of the most anticipated sporting events is the Maybank Marathon at Bali Safari, which is held annually and successfully brings together the spirit of sports with the natural charm of Bali.

Maybank Marathon at Bali Safari is one of the largest and most popular marathon running events in Indonesia. The event has attracted runners from all over the world, both amateur and professional, to take part in a breathtaking running challenge through an enchanting route. 2023 is a special year as the event will once again be held at Bali Safari, which is famous for being home to many rare and exotic animal species.

After a successful run in 2022, the 2023 event was no less successful and lively. Opened by the festive Full Marathon category participants with a beautiful fireworks welcome.

Maybank Race Route and Categories

Maybank Bali Safari Marathon will feature several race categories to cater to the various ability levels of participants:

  1. Full Marathon (42.195 km): A challenge for experienced runners who want to test their endurance and strength.
  2. Half Marathon (21.097 km): This half marathon category is suitable for participants who have previous running experience and want to take on a lighter challenge.
  3. 10K Run (10 km): This category is suitable for beginner runners who want to experience their first marathon.

The Maybank Marathon event in Bali Safari is not only limited to the full marathon, but also provides other running categories such as half marathon and 10K. This allows participation from different ability levels, from beginners to experienced runners.

Combining Sports and Nature Conservation

One important aspect of the Maybank Marathon at Bali Safari is the effort to promote awareness of the importance of nature conservation and wildlife protection. By hosting Bali Safari, the event underscores the urgency of preserving the environment and the creatures that inhabit this earth.

Maybank Marathon at Bali Safari 2023 is living proof that sports and nature can join in beautiful harmony. Race participants not only pursue personal achievement in sports, but also experience the wonders of nature and donate support for environmental conservation. With this unique combination, the event has built a remarkable tradition in the Indonesian sports world.