Despite the conflict in the past, Papua is now an official Indonesian province as of 2006, separated from the other half of New Guinea island. This island in the east side of Indonesia is declared as the second Amazon due to its rainforest. Furthermore, the mountains and the local people’s agricultural activities, as well as their diverse tribes that speak at least 250 languages, are the reasons to explore Papua Indonesia.

Papua is so diverse but still maintain to be in unity with all aspects of the Indonesian culture. There is so much to take from Papua, so many places to explore, but 5 of them is mind-blowing. Most are well-known worldwide and are instagrammable. Papua has so much to offer for those who are keen in nature and adventure. This what makes the island is well-known internationally and has become one of Indonesia’s hidden treasures.

Raja Ampat

Also known as the Four King island, Raja Ampat makes its name popular in the world. The island was shown on international magazines and television station as one of the best places to explore in Indonesia. The island consists of luxury resorts, outstanding diving spots, culinary tourism as well as getting to know the daily life of the locals. As luxurious and expensive the island may seem, the island is also available at an affordable price for those who are on a tight budget.

Piyanemo rajaamat - travel treasures


To explore Papua Indonesia by sight-seeing and understanding historic places, Manokwari is the best place to go. It is Papua’s first missionary base dominated by the Christian religion. Visitors come here mostly for wildlife activities and trails in its famous Table Mountain Park. Just near Manokwari, underwater activities such as swimming and snorkelling can be done on Lemon Island.

Manokwari papua - travel treasures

Biak Island

This island is best to explore their range of points of interest such as bird watching tours and diving spots. The Cenderawasih Museum can be found on the island that occupies Papua’s historic events during the war as well as to acknowledge the different tribes of Papua.

Biak Island papua - travel treasures

Goa Jepang

Goa Jepang or the Japanese Cave is located in the northern side of Biak city. This cave is a relic of the Japanese army that used to hide during World War II against the Americans. There is also a tunnel along 3 kilometres that goes straight to the coast of Parai.

Goa Jepang papua - travel treasures

Lorentz National Park

The Lorentz National Park is declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to the world’s most famous mountain called Puncak Jaya. This worldwide known park is a place for mountain trekking and climbing that is very unfortunate to miss. Unique species of birds and plants are there to admire along the trekking trails.

Lorentz National Park - travel treasures