The pandemic took no prisoners across the globe, hurting economies and leaving many businesses crippled and forcing many others to close their doors permanently. Bali, also known as the Island of the Gods experienced a ninety percent (90%) decrease in revenue due to its heavy reliance on tourism left many business owners struggling to reinvent themselves with little to no help or guidance. Thousands of Indonesian employees lost their jobs, according to World Bank (, about 1.8 million Indonesians became unemployed between February 2020 and 2021.

Both government and private organisations tried their best to minimise the damage caused by the pandemic, but many businesses in Bali closed and many residents in Bali were without any basic needs. At that time, Wayne Thompson, an American former silicon valley entrepreneur from New York, contributed rice but wanted to do more than just provide the basic needs. He wanted to provide a solution to a problem through entrepreneurship. This was the spark that gave birth to The Funding.

The Funding became a platform that provided business education & tools to empower entrepreneurs & business owners in Indonesia, leading up to a reality show about entrepreneurship, to educate and empower with the philosophy “by teaching a man how to fish you give him food for a lifetime”.

The Funding then launched The Funding Show during the pandemic as a “Shark Tank” – like a platform to empower entrepreneurs of both foreign and local in Indonesia to pivot – through funding and knowledge from Indonesian and expatriate mentors. It then became Indonesia’s Biggest Reality TV Show about Entrepreneurship & Investment.

The Funding received over four hundred (400) pitch requests from Micro, Small to Medium Sized Entrepreneurs (MSME) from around Indonesia. This made for a successful first Funding event. But due to uncertainty through lock downs during COVID and the further spread of the virus, they had to slow The Funding down. But As the world and Indonesia slowly began to approach the post-pandemic era, the wheels of The Funding are turning again with improvements.

The Funding initiative teamed up with two other entrepreneurs; the seasoned Grover Anastatius de Souza who spent a decade in Indonesia’s Mining Industry, Co-founded four businesses and a venture builder of six businesses. Also the dynamic Speaker, Author, Robert Ian Bonnick founder, of Tourism Architect Advisory & Venture Builder initiative (building multiple ventures across industry sectors), SpeakuP Monday – Destination Indonesia #1 talkShow for entrepreneurs and social impact and Founders Institute, FI Bali Mentor.

The Funding is now focused on “Creating Value for Entrepreneurs in Indonesia” through

  • A ‘Shark Tank”-Like Pitching event for Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A.
  • Masterclass-like workshops targeted to provide entrepreneurs with the tools for building a successful business

Entrepreneurs in Indonesia of both foreign and Indonesian origin can raise funds for their businesses, learn and develop the skills to become successful entrepreneurs and also network with other entrepreneurs.

The Funding – is built around a 3-Day Pitching Event to a Panel of both Indonesian and Foreign Investors and Advisors on the 6th, 7th & 8th of December at The Aria Progressive in Batubelig, Bali.

If you would like to register to pitch for this upcoming event

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