Stepping into 2020, Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement (TECM) organized by Fullness Social Enterprise Society (FSES) is entering its 9th Anniversary. The organizer aims to drive more awareness and support to the sustainability of social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong, while TECM enhances the notion of “Change the World by Consumption”. To start the year, TECM will be collaborating with various social enterprises in arranging various workshops and bazaars for the public to enjoy.

After 8 years of hard work, along with the support from the government, corporates, social enterprises, volunteers and consumers, Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement has successfully incorporated over 200 social enterprises in town in promoting ethical consumption as well as helping the socially vulnerable.

By extending the momentum from 2018, TECM has kicked off the new year with the theme –  “Where to Eat, Play, Buy Well for the Lunar Year” along with a media preview by inviting media and KOL influencers for a workshop hosted by social enterprises (SE) under the St. James’ Settlement. The enterprises include the GroundWorks, a SE which supports local farming and handcrafts; and “Share Moments” Cafe, a SE which promotes healthy eating. Under the chef from GroundWorks, not only that the media were able to learn about how to make peanut candy through the workshop, but they have also introduced the idea of making conscious consumptions at social enterprises as they prepare for the Lunar Year.

To know more, please like the Facebook page of Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement and keep a close eye on what local social enterprises have to offer during the Lunar New Year. After the Lunar New Year, TECM will continue its work by partnering with various local SE and organizations and will be launching different promotion campaigns. Be sure to check out their social media platforms in case of missing any of it.