Enter into a spot that belongs to a city full of life and impacting tourist industry. As you step inside the ibis Hong Kong Central & Sheung Wan Hotel, situated at the very soul of Hong Kong, your eyes fall immediately on the nicely-done colour combinations and the first warm welcome smile of the receptionist. The whole place looks to have accepted decorative interventions. You seem to be tired of the journey, but you feel relaxed at the Zen aura that the whole room inspires. Colours of beige, red and orange mixed in all its furniture in complete harmony. 550 rooms, each with a smell and taste of relaxation, are lusting to provide each guest with an unforgettable experience.

You have never imagined that there are so many things a hotel can offer you, to enjoy your leisure time as if you have been visiting the most interesting cultural destination in the world. The aura mix of business and mere soul pleasure make its existence irresistible.

As you enter the elevator up to the room of the building, you immediately sense the serenity and comfort you will meet inside. Unlock the door and find yourself in a room with many pleasant surprises. Face a comfortable clean double or single bed will be expecting you with amenities. A flat-screen LCD TV, coffee and tea making facilities, a mini fridge to store drinks and sandwiches, and accessible bathroom amenities will give an impression that this is not a hotel, but something so familiar just like home. Air conditioning brings you the exact sense of relief that you requested after a cold or hot day.

You lie down on the fluffy cushions of your comfortable bed only to find out that you are about to live the ultimate bed sleep experience. The sense of the foam mattress and the way the bed adapts to each and every of your body movement is a unique experience. It makes you think: “These people are really interested in providing me with a happy and quiet sleep.”

By approaching the window, it is easily understood that you will wake up to one of the most gorgeous city scenery in the world. Your chance to view the Hong Kong harbour from above is something entirely new to everyone. The blue of the sea at a close distance gives the perfect opportunity to feel again what it is like to be calm and relaxed from a long trip. It is a real luck to be able to live such an experience. Get ready to lose a sense of time and leave all your worries and troubles totally behind as you smoothly indulge into the scenery.

The hotel management also raises guests’ awareness about their greening practice inside the guestroom. These messages can be found anywhere, such as on refraining from changing towels unnecessarily, the bed linen changing card, the 3-in-1 hair and body wash, turning off lights and electrical appliances, keeping water consumption to a minimum, and even garbage bin sticker with a green message.

They committed with their “15-minute satisfaction guarantee” policy. Anytime you feel uncomfortable with anything during your stay, simply talk to any of their 24/7 staff. They will give you a solution regarding any of your issues in 15 minutes tops. You will be amazed at what they can do in such little time.

As you get down to the bar, you will meet the ultimate menu of beverages and drinks. Feel the temptation to taste an Ibis or Tiramisu cocktail, some of the exclusive cooling drinks that the hotel’s energetic appealing bar has to offer. Relaxing music and modern multicolour style of the chairs, the tables and the whole bar will make you feel incredible enjoying the ambient environment, and emitting positive energy to your beloved ones or associated ones that were lucky enough to share this hotel experience with you. Why not miss the ecstasy of escorting your cocktail drink with a fabulous Cheese Burger? Creativity and juicy platters are one of this hotel’s best distinctions.

So is the restaurant. Original and not imitation recipes of Hong Kong grandeur will accompany your breakfast. Everyone from the receptionist to the waiter and the bartender will treat you with a commitment and a responsibility to have a more than great staying in ibis.

As you are ready to begin the tour of the city, you notify the customer service that hosts you of your needs and your program. Detailed and specific instructions on all the amazing Hong Kong sites are given to you with prominent willingness. You have just about lived your first moments of how it is to be at the accommodation of total relaxation, great customer service, but above all: a member of an exceptional family; the family of ibis Hong Kong Central & Sheung Wan.

Staying at this hotel is the moment when all the troubles back home burst out of inside you into one untraceable memory. Time passes like a blink, but this fraction blast of paradise will linger in your memory. Therefore, have no second thoughts. Your real journey in Hong Kong begins here; ibis Hong Kong Central & Sheung Wan Hotel.