Hong Kong Restaurant Week Autumn 2020, which will run from September 24th to October 4th, 2020, is set to usher in the fall season in spectacular fashion. Created by DiningCity in collaboration with HSBC credit card, the upcoming edition of this bi-annual event brought the two partnering organizations closer together than ever before, as they dedicated themselves to working with distinguished restaurants to bring back a slice of gourmet life to consumers looking forward to the return of stability.

A cosmopolitan lifestyle or a discerning palate may take years to cultivate — as a proponent of gourmet culture, Hong Kong Restaurant Week opens the opportunity for diners to enjoy fine dining and cutting-edge culinary experiences at great value. Hong Kong Restaurant Week is held twice a year, with one edition in Spring and the other in Autumn. Acting as a gateway to the greatest elements of gourmet culture, the events not only provide diners the ultimate dining experiences, but also present a fuss-free channel for engaging in the culinary scene in a fresh, exciting way.

This year’s Autumn Restaurant Week has a lineup totaling over 150 distinctive, world-class restaurants. Among them are an array of Michelin-starred restaurants, fine dining establishments operated by world-famous five-star hotels, rising social media stars, long-standing favorites, as well as Internet-famous eateries — so that diners can enjoy the richly varied tastes of the world, exploring global gastronomy without even leaving the country.

Some Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Kashiwaya – Michelin two-star Restaurant
Shang Palace at Kowloon Shangri-La – Michelin one-star Restaurant
Tosca di Angelo at The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong – Michelin one-star Restaurant
Sun Tung Lok Chinese Restaurant – Michelin two-star Restaurant

Highly Anticipated Restaurants
Castellana Restaurant – Michelin-Recommended Restaurant
Chilli Fagara – Michelin – Recommended Restaurant
Aaharn – Michelin-Recommended Restaurant
Giando Italian Restaurant & Bar – Michelin-Recommended Restaurant

New Entry Restaurants
Guo Fu Lou at The Murray, Hong Kong – Michelin One-Star Restaurant
Tin Lung Heen at The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong – Michelin Two-Star Restaurant
Man Ho Chinese Restaurant at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong
Flint Grill & Bar at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong

This edition, each participating restaurant will offer fixed-priced menus for a minimum of three courses per menu for lunch and dinner, each menu specially prepared by head chefs. Hong Kong Restaurant Week selects the creme de la creme of the dining industry, across an array of international and local cuisines, to give consumers a curated list of premium gourmet experiences to choose from. Food lovers get the chance to indulge and explore some of the culinary world’s finest offerings, and journey through the gastronomic adventures sought by “foodies”. Diners can experience the distinctive characteristics and charms of all kinds of regional Chinese cuisine, popular homestyle to high-end Japanese fare, and fiery Southeast Asian cuisines — as well as colorful and vibrant Spanish cuisine, world-renowned Italian and French gastronomy, and creative fusion cuisine. With such a rich and diverse dining landscape, food lovers can eat their way through the flavors of the world.

Menu Category A: HK$198 for lunch/ HK$398 for dinner
Menu Category B: HK$148 for lunch/ HK$298 for dinner
Menu Category Elite: HK$248+ for lunch/ HK$488+ for dinner 

“Hong Kong Restaurant Week has gone through its first 10 years, gradually building momentum to become a propelling force within the gourmet industry. We are very pleased about this,” said Onno Schreurs, the founder of DiningCity. “At the same time, looking at the bigger picture, Restaurant Week is still at a very young stage. Looking ahead, we hope to maintain a reputation for excellence — just as New York Restaurant Week has been held for nearly 30 years, we will continue to write brand history and go better and further here in Hong Kong. Our hope has always been to engage all consumers in Restaurant Week activities, and create a platform for people to connect with others and to build lasting memories with family and friends through spectacular dining experiences.”

Reservations will open exclusively to HSBC credit cardholders at DiningCity’s official website (www.restaurantweek.hk) and its mobile App (DiningCity) from September 17th, 2020 at 10:00 AM.

Food comprises a culture of its own. It is an irreplaceable part of daily life, and the key to exploring regional cultures around the world. And in the light of the pandemic’s impact, its role as a source of nourishment and comfort is greater than ever before. For those who may have missed a journey through taste during the first half of 2020, the upcoming Hong Kong Restaurant Week Autumn 2020 cannot be missed — providing exquisite cuisine, unparalleled restaurant views and experiences, all at unbeatable prices.

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