Anantara Angkor Resort, Siem Reap’s premier all-suite retreat, introduced a series of unique experiences that invite guests to delve into authentic local wellness with inspired journeys through Khmer healing traditions. The experiences blend Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage with Anantara Spa’s holistic wellness beliefs and are brought to life through a diverse collection of spa offerings and longer journeys inspired by the Seven Ways of Enlightenment: Mindfulness; Investigation; Energy; Rapture; Tranquillity; Concentration; and Equanimity. The experiences are offered as four to five hours wellness journeys, and four- or seven-day core wellness packages that are curated as guided programmes.

Cambodia’s identity, its history and culture are intrinsically linked to its belief systems – from the earlier years of Hinduism to the latter advent of Buddhism. These influences can be traced through the bas-reliefs of Angkor Wat and seen in the stone faces of the Bayon, and they are also reflected in its healing traditions.

Each treatment by the Spa at Anantara Angkor Resort and each ritual devoted to wellbeing featured in the new wellness journeys and core wellness packages celebrates Khmer healing practices and traditions in a holistic approach to modern enlightenment. Anantara Spa believes that wellness is personal and has thus created an array of wellbeing sensations that are governed by a thematic concept covering handpicked spa experiences and wellness packages to suit every mood, preference and fitness lifestyle – bespoke spiritual journeys that harmoniously interweave with guests’ experiences in Cambodia.

The wellness journeys feature a five-hour Samadhi, or Concentration, treatment that includes a floral foot ritual; Chi Nei Tsang massage; Himalayan pink salt scrub; Golden Cocoon silk facial; Tibetan praying wheel meditation; incense stick making; and a monk blessing ceremony.

The core wellness packages on offer feature a seven-day Reshape programme that recalibrates the body healthily through a series of steps under the guidance of a personal fitness coach. It appraises the participant’s routine, customary diet and fitness habits, and provides insights on how to get these lifestyle elements symbiotically in balance. It also teaches wholesome, seasonal plant-based vegan cooking, principles of integrative nutrition, and cultivates mindful eating habits that the participant can choose to live by. Complementary sessions have been crafted as part of this program, such as mountain biking and meditation sessions, to clear the mind and to revive and re-tone the body on the way of embracing a healthier, more balanced way of living.

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