In Cambodia, family comes first. Step inside most Khmer households and you’ll likely find grandparents spending hours cooing and clucking over children. This warm culture makes Cambodia an excellent place to bring the family. Here’s our guide to the most family-friendly activities in the Kingdom of Wonder.

Cycle around the ruins at Angkor Wat

Bikes at Angkor Wat - Cambodia with kids

Any Cambodia with kids trip HAS to include the largest religious temple complex on the planet. Be warned though, the site is huge. Whilst you can easily visit the main temples of Angkor Wat, Bayon and Angkor Thom by foot, we find that families of every age much prefer cycling, thereby being able to explore the outer lying ruins more easily and avoid the ‘are we there, yet?’. Sunset at Angkor Wat can be a very touristy (a.k.a. busy) affair so you’ll get a much better view from atop one of the less-visited ruins – and a view to yourselves too.

Go ziplining in the jungle

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Near to Angkor Wat (but not invasively so) is a zip-line eco park, where you and your kids can soar through the forest canopy in a thrilling way, enjoying amazing jungle views as you do. So. Much. Fun.

Take the Bamboo Train at Battambang

Battambang train - Cambodia with children itinerary

Less visited and touristy than Siem Reap yet Cambodia’s second-largest city, Battambang is known for its French architecture and cosmopolitan feel. It also boasts an even more famous attraction that anyone travelling through Cambodia with kids should visit: the bamboo train. Affectionately known as ‘Norrie’, the bamboo train is essentially a bamboo platform that balances over two sets of wheels and is powered by a motorbike engine. It was once used to great effect in the days following the overthrow of the Khmer Rouge and proved a lifeline to villages needing to transport goods across the country. Today, with the roads much improved, the Norrie has become more of a tourist attraction, albeit a kooky one.

Bears Experience in Phnom Tamao Wildlife Park

For animal lovers, this is definitely a wonderful way of interacting with wildlife and helping out a worthy cause. The Free the Bears Program takes place in Phnom Tamao Wildlife Park, just over an hour away from Phnom Penh. All the animals in the sanctuary were rescued from poachers or abusive owners and receive a second chance at a better life. Take a day tour of the facilities and see how the sanctuary cares for the animals, of if you have more time, take part in the week-long volunteering programme.