Take your precious time, open your heart and mind, then stop over Darwin, the extraordinaire capital city of the Northern Territory in Australia, which also known as the top end. There are more than 30 things to do in this region; shopping for some hidden eccentric gems in smith street mall or getting wet in the wild at Litchfield National famous park, including jumping crocodile cruise on the Adelaide River.

While doing those activities above, make sure you don’t starve yourself in the process of your exploration. Darwin has food for all seasons. Some cuisines complement the stomach for dry seasons around May to September. You can pamper your stomach with their tastiest Pie Lamb Shank Bangers and Mash Burgers with almond fries or prawns at Fiddlers Green (enjoy these delicious dishes while chilling around outdoors setting with drinks on hand. FIDDLERS GREEN has stepped it up the improvements are outstanding and it is a 5-star restaurant.

best restaurant in darwin - travel treasures

If you’re a laksa loverm, make sure you don’t pass DARWIN LASKA MINDIL BEACH. Besides the fact that their setup is constantly soaking up, the local ambience and most customers never stop talking about the sunsets from the view of this restaurant. It goes without a question! This is an absolute gem selling and serving fresh, delicious Thai soup, Asian food and divine laksa at a great price. They serve heaps of seafood, flavoursome Malaysian food and fast service with a smile. Laska lover? This is a home for you.

DAMASQUINO is one of the hidden gems with super talented and highly skilled chefs preparing homemade and tasty beyond compare food. Dining in this restaurant for an exquisite taste of true Syrian food might be the best thing to do as the restaurant is accommodate and sells affordable filling dishes, like a meal consisting Kabab, Shish tawook, a kebbeh, a Sfiha, Falafel, Cabbage salad and rice. Hummus homemade garlic cream are mouth-watering. Very delicious Delicious! They also serve yummy sweets. You can try maammool baklava and a date roll or you can try their range of Syrian dessert. The tamarind juice and Turkish are also excellent. 

If you are tight in cash, no problemo! Cafe Belissimo is not selling affordable delicious food and the best coffee, but it is also easy to find and has easy parking. 

best restaurant in darwin - travel treasures

Did you know there is Germany in Darwin? Isn’t it always exciting to find an affordable restaurant that sells the tastiest food and makes you feel like home? It is mostly beautiful to resonate. HANSEL AND GRETEL is not only the title of a most adored kiddies fairy tale book but it is also a shorefore in a cosy setup, serving a home-cooked German and Australian dishes on Tuesdays. 

best restaurant in darwin - travel treasures

All these restaurants above have everything for everyone. Regardless of where you are coming from, who you are or how much you have, there’s a seat reserved especially for you in Darwin. They serve vegetarians, gluten-free and allergy-free. You don’t have to worry about anything because Darwin has everything for your health. All you have to do is pamper your stomach!