Mother Nature has reserved a space for those who prefer less crowded beaches, those who want the beach to themselves and, those who want to feel the caress of the sea breeze and cherish the moments. This article listed the top six hidden beaches in Australia. 

Galaru Beach

hidden beach australia

This sanctuary is located approximately 3 kilometres away from Darwin, and an hour flight away from Glove airport. These exquisite hidden recreation areas are managed by Dhimurru landscapes azure wide-waters. One will need a permit from them to access the beaches. You must also obtain a recreation permit from Dhimurru before visiting the area; as admission can be affected due to high tides. It is paramount to check with Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation for details, especially because you want to visit at the right time to go fishing, enjoy boating, and be in a camping adventure, walking and reconnoitring and, the diverse vegetation. These untouched beaches embrace sandy white beaches and rugged coastline. This is the best-hidden gem for adventure with family, friends or as a solo traveller.

Gordons Bay Beach

hidden beach australia

Gordons Bay is located in the south of Clovelly Beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs; it is a hidden coastal gem featuring a subaquatic environment stream. It is a concrete-filled drum linked by a chain, forming the (0.4-mile) track, designed for scuba divers. When the water is crystal-clear; snorkelers can savour the moment and, do what they do best! However, it is imperative to read the information signs below the surface and to keep an eye on vibrantly colourful crawfishes and molluscs as well as unusual fish such as the blue groper. Otherwise, this is a place to explore nature.

The accessible transport modes to Gordon’s bay is a train and a bus, the best thing to do is to download Moovit application on your phone to guide you and update you on your bus times and train times, transit maps, real-time line arrivals.

Bailey Beach

hidden beach australia

Are you are in the city centre and, travelling with your surfboard? Searching for a hidden beach in Western Australia? Search no more! Take an approximately 20 minutes’ drive to Bailey beach; just up from popular Mettam’s pool. You will find a less crowded beach which is not recommended for swimming. Embrace your cravings to surf or snorkel as you observe different species of colourful fish. 

Moonee Beach

hidden beach australia

One of the best locations for dog parents (and parents) is a 15 minutes’ drive away from Coffs Harbor – Moone beach; this amazing beach accommodates kids and dogs with fascinating reserve playground for the little ones, and you are free to play fetch with your dog, go for a leash-free walk or even swim!

Isn’t it wonderful it to be in a location which is considered to be hidden, and yet receive the services and facilities that you usually get in public getaways? This beautiful serene beach encircled by the lush green park has sheltered areas to sit and relax, there is no need to pack anything for picnics, or you can pack lightly as they have foodie shops and dog cabins, it is pet and family-friendly! 

Hyams Beach

hidden beach australia

Hyams Beach is a white powder sand beach surrounded by natural magnetism such as the Booderee National Park, headlands with sea cliff, features walking trails and native forests. This spectacular beach is a seaside village in the city of Shoal haven- located in New South Wales on the shores of Jervis Bay. The best way to get to Hyams beach is to get to Sydney; from Sydney, you can take a train, a bus or a car. If you love walking and birds then this exotic beach should be on your bucket list, go for their attraction such as Jervis Bay’s birdlife. Join the bird Spotter’s walk-They’ve even added signs to explain the birds you’ll see and hear along the way. Explore many of their attraction and enjoy!

Chinamans Beach

hidden beach australia

You don’t have to stick around crowded spaces when you can enjoy the beach all to yourself in abundance and tranquillity. embark on an approximately 7 minutes’ drive to reach Chinaman’s beach from the crowded and famous Balmoral beach. Spot the scuba divers in a yacht, throwing an anchor before diving in for swim-as you can see on a national geography program on TV 

Nevertheless, this 250 meters stretch of sand and, healing nature is one of Sydney’s most refined urbanized enclaves- located in the northern perimeter of Mosman- Sydney’s Harbor. It is best to visit this beach anytime, as the beach is open 24 hours ensuring unlimited fun! The weather condition is super friendly for beach lovers ultimately soothing throughout all the Australia seasons. Consequently, the waves here are not so rough and thus the beach is accommodative and, it gets populated during summer as people love swimming here. You can delight in activities such as sunbathing, surfing and, or visit a nearby reserve which has a daring playground for children. You can even hire a boat and cherish the beautiful view as you cruise. 

It is recommended to book accommodation close by as the local accommodation is affordable. Unless if you don’t mind paying for the luxurious hotels which are worth every penny. Please note: These accommodations get packed during summer. So, if you planning to visit the beach during that era, you should consider booking your space before the buzz.