Perth is a place where people from various backgrounds, countries, and cultures meet. Travellers who are coming to Perth can also find a casual part-time job. Travellers are often surprised and amazed when they find out that there are so many available jobs available in this city as there are several possible opening.


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In most cases, travellers can find a job as a Gardener Assistant. They may have to work for 2 to 3 casual days a week. Experience is often not needed, but the person should be able to learn new things (and a fast learner too) and he/she should be a hard worker. They should have the required gears such as a hat, steel-cap shoes, and a vest. The tasks may include weeding the garden beds, lifting heavy items, hedging, or mowing the lawns.

Work for Accommodation

Basically, any interested participants are required to work within the premise with the exchange of the accommodation. It means that they don’t need to spend money on lodgings. The type of work depends on the requirements. Some people may have to stay on farms and do some farming duties. Some may be able to stay in a small hotel or lodging where they work as a barista, a serving customer, or a bell-boy. This type of job is quite common for travellers.

House Sitting

It’s like a babysitting job, but instead of a baby, the person would be responsible for taking care of a house. In general, the person won’t have to spend money on accommodation – they can stay at the house –but they are responsible for managing the upkeep of the house. In some cases, though, the owners may pay the house sitter for a certain period of time.

Dish Washer Service

job in australia - travel treasures

Travellers who want to make extra money can wash dishes at some restaurants or diners. It doesn’t take a lot of skills, really. They only need to be good with their washing activities and they don’t easily drop the dish.

There are still more jobs, such as stable work, farm duties, Au pair, and so much more. Make sure to pay attention to the requirements and the length of the work. As long as visitors are willing to work (and learn) hard, finding jobs in Perth is fairly easy.